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Largest places in Finland

The largest cities and places in Finland at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Finland.

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Largest places in Finland
Jyvaeskylae Jyväskylä1.Central Finland Central Finland85,026
Laukaa Laukaa2.Central Finland Central Finland17,093
Jaemsae Jämsä3.Central Finland Central Finland15,261
AEaenekoski Äänekoski4.Central Finland Central Finland13,406
Keuruu Keuruu5.Central Finland Central Finland10,942
Saarijaervi Saarijärvi6.Central Finland Central Finland10,011
Muurame Muurame7.Central Finland Central Finland8,826
Viitasaari Viitasaari8.Central Finland Central Finland7,511
Jaemsaenkoski Jämsänkoski9.Central Finland Central Finland7,442
Suolahti Suolahti10.Central Finland Central Finland5,399
Hankasalmi Hankasalmi11.Central Finland Central Finland5,372
Korpilahti Korpilahti12.Central Finland Central Finland5,050
Pihtipudas Pihtipudas13.Central Finland Central Finland4,777
Karstula Karstula14.Central Finland Central Finland4,718
Joutsa Joutsa15.Central Finland Central Finland4,060
Petaejaevesi Petäjävesi16.Central Finland Central Finland3,610
Saeynaetsalo Säynätsalo17.Central Finland Central Finland3,322
Konnevesi Konnevesi18.Central Finland Central Finland3,132
Uurainen Uurainen19.Central Finland Central Finland3,104
Kuhmoinen Kuhmoinen20.Central Finland Central Finland2,824
Toivakka Toivakka21.Central Finland Central Finland2,349
Multia Multia22.Central Finland Central Finland1,991
Kinnula Kinnula23.Central Finland Central Finland1,883
Kyyjaervi Kyyjärvi24.Central Finland Central Finland1,817
Kannonkoski Kannonkoski25.Central Finland Central Finland1,591
Kivijaervi Kivijärvi26.Central Finland Central Finland1,427
Sumiainen Sumiainen27.Central Finland Central Finland1,251
Leivonmaeki Leivonmäki28.Central Finland Central Finland1,138
Pylkoenmaeki Pylkönmäki29.Central Finland Central Finland981
Luhanka Luhanka30.Central Finland Central Finland905
Kokkola Kokkola31.Central Ostrobothnia Central Ostrobothnia35,586
Kannus Kannus32.Central Ostrobothnia Central Ostrobothnia5,968
Kaelviae Kälviä33.Central Ostrobothnia Central Ostrobothnia4,449
Kaustinen Kaustinen34.Central Ostrobothnia Central Ostrobothnia4,404
Veteli Veteli35.Central Ostrobothnia Central Ostrobothnia3,523
Toholampi Toholampi36.Central Ostrobothnia Central Ostrobothnia3,481
Lohtaja Lohtaja37.Central Ostrobothnia Central Ostrobothnia3,043
Perho Perho38.Central Ostrobothnia Central Ostrobothnia2,974
Halsua Halsua39.Central Ostrobothnia Central Ostrobothnia1,393
Ullava Ullava40.Central Ostrobothnia Central Ostrobothnia1,048
Lestijaervi Lestijärvi41.Central Ostrobothnia Central Ostrobothnia924
Haemeenlinna Hämeenlinna42.Haeme Häme47,261
Riihimaeki Riihimäki43.Haeme Häme26,451
Forssa Forssa44.Haeme Häme17,852
Janakkala Janakkala45.Haeme Häme15,698
Hausjaervi Hausjärvi46.Haeme Häme8,151
Loppi Loppi47.Haeme Häme7,768
Tammela Tammela48.Haeme Häme6,519
Lammi Lammi49.Haeme Häme5,634
Jokioinen Jokioinen50.Haeme Häme5,568

1 - 50 of 441 places
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