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Largest places in Finland

The largest cities and places in Finland at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Finland.

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Largest places in Finland
Siilinjaervi Siilinjärvi51.Northern Savo Northern Savo20,209
Sibbo Sibbo52.Uusimaa Uusimaa19,430
Jakobstad Jakobstad53.Ostrobothnia Ostrobothnia19,238
Lempaeaelae Lempäälä54.Pirkanmaa Pirkanmaa18,096
Maentsaelae Mäntsälä55.Uusimaa Uusimaa18,074
Forssa Forssa56.Haeme Häme17,852
Kuusamo Kuusamo57.Northern Ostrobothnia Northern Ostrobothnia17,400
Haukipudas Haukipudas58.Northern Ostrobothnia Northern Ostrobothnia17,298
Korsholm Korsholm59.Ostrobothnia Ostrobothnia17,176
Laukaa Laukaa60.Central Finland Central Finland17,093
Anjala Anjala61.Kymenlaakso Kymenlaakso16,779
Uusikaupunki Uusikaupunki62.Southwest Finland Southwest Finland16,226
Janakkala Janakkala63.Haeme Häme15,698
Pirkkala Pirkkala64.Pirkanmaa Pirkanmaa15,615
Laensi-Turunmaa Länsi-Turunmaa65.Southwest Finland Southwest Finland15,498
Lovisa Lovisa66.Uusimaa Uusimaa15,466
Jaemsae Jämsä67.Central Finland Central Finland15,261
Lieto Lieto68.Southwest Finland Southwest Finland15,258
Vammala Vammala69.Pirkanmaa Pirkanmaa14,982
Nastola Nastola70.Paijanne Tavastia Päijänne Tavastia14,911
Orimattila Orimattila71.Paijanne Tavastia Päijänne Tavastia14,603
Kauhajoki Kauhajoki72.Southern Ostrobothnia Southern Ostrobothnia14,526
Ekenaes Ekenäs73.Uusimaa Uusimaa14,377
Kempele Kempele74.Northern Ostrobothnia Northern Ostrobothnia14,293
Lapua Lapua75.Southern Ostrobothnia Southern Ostrobothnia14,091
Lieksa Lieksa76.North Karelia North Karelia13,703
Naantali Naantali77.Southwest Finland Southwest Finland13,607
AEaenekoski Äänekoski78.Central Finland Central Finland13,406
Ylivieska Ylivieska79.Northern Ostrobothnia Northern Ostrobothnia13,159
Kontiolahti Kontiolahti80.North Karelia North Karelia12,411
Kankaanpaeae Kankaanpää81.Satakunta Satakunta12,381
Ulvila Ulvila82.Satakunta Satakunta12,314
Pieksaemaeki Pieksämäki83.Southern Savonia Southern Savonia12,167
Kiiminki Kiiminki84.Northern Ostrobothnia Northern Ostrobothnia12,069
Pargas Pargas85.Southwest Finland Southwest Finland11,962
Nurmo Nurmo86.Southern Ostrobothnia Southern Ostrobothnia11,908
Ilmajoki Ilmajoki87.Southern Ostrobothnia Southern Ostrobothnia11,693
Liperi Liperi88.North Karelia North Karelia11,386
Keuruu Keuruu89.Central Finland Central Finland10,942
Leppaevirta Leppävirta90.Northern Savo Northern Savo10,936
Kurikka Kurikka91.Southern Ostrobothnia Southern Ostrobothnia10,628
Nivala Nivala92.Northern Ostrobothnia Northern Ostrobothnia10,610
Joutseno Joutseno93.South Karelia South Karelia10,603
Pedersoere Pedersöre94.Ostrobothnia Ostrobothnia10,436
Sotkamo Sotkamo95.Kainuu Kainuu10,368
Kuhmo Kuhmo96.Kainuu Kainuu10,214
Paimio Paimio97.Southwest Finland Southwest Finland10,126
Saarijaervi Saarijärvi98.Central Finland Central Finland10,011
Haemeenkyroe Hämeenkyrö99.Pirkanmaa Pirkanmaa9,996
Suomussalmi Suomussalmi100.Kainuu Kainuu9,974

51 - 100 of 441 places
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